Working for two of Travel Counsellors competitors I felt lonely, isolated and was seriously considering leaving the industry that I love. I had been promised good quality leads, great potential earnings and a flexible lifestyle. But the reality was no flexibility, poor earnings and customers only concerned about price. They had no interest in building relationships or considering the actual service they were getting. Some people actually phoned and asked if I could cut the cost of their holiday by one pound! I decided to give it one more go. This time with Travel Counsellors. It’s like another world. There’s no comparison at all. I’ve got freedom, I’ve got terrific support from head office and a brilliant network of colleagues, literally around the world. If ever I need support or guidance I can pick up the phone and everyone is so incredibly helpful. And because of our fantastic in-house booking system, I’ve never earned so much in my 25 years in travel. There are lots of homeworking companies out there, but they don’t come close to this company. Travel Counsellors has literally restored my faith in the travel industry.

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