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If you'd like to sell travel with the world’s best-loved travel company, here’s what we can offer you:

Be in control of when and how you work

Have more time for family and more time to yourself.

Potential to earn upwards of 100K per year

Your earning potential is uncapped

Be your own boss

Give yourself the work/life balance you deserve.

Join our network of over 1,500 Travel Counsellors

And get access to our 24 hour support team.

Joining Travel Counsellors can be a challenging and rewarding life changing decision.


Leisure Travel Counsellor

My real enjoyment, selling holidays, was a thing of the past and after 20 years, I’d reached a major crossroads in my career. I then joined Travel Counsellors, and I’ve got to say, it’s simply changed my life.


Business Travel Counsellor

Corporate clients don’t want to be dealing with a call center. They do want the exceptional service, and incredible back up that Travel Counsellors delivers. That’s why I’m the happiest I’ve been in my career.


Travel Academy Graduate

I didn’t believe I could change my career in my late 40s. Then I spoke to a Travel Counsellors Academy graduate, and I was sold. The trainers’ enthusiasm and knowledge is second to none.

Whether you’re new to the travel industry, a seasoned professional or looking for a way back in, we’ve got just the opportunity for you…

  • Run your own business
    • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to choose your own hours
  • Unlimited earning potential
    • Earn upwards of 100K per year
  • World-beating support 
    • Taking care of the admin, finance and marketing for you

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