Welcome to the family

We like to think of ourselves as a family, as much as an international company. Our warm and personal approach extends to customers and colleagues alike, and we go further to make everyone feel both welcomed and appreciated as part of the Travel Counsellors team. By looking after our people properly, we’ve created a travel company which is truly special.

From our head office staff to our Travel Counsellors across the world, everyone in our team enjoys being part of a warm and friendly community. When you're building customer travel experiences from home, that feeling of togetherness is priceless.

But we're not only here to help our Travel Counsellors build better travel plans.

Their personal Business Development Manager is always on hand for professional support. We even offer professional in-house counselling. And if the worst happens and a Travel Counsellor falls ill, they can trust our private healthcare scheme to make the best possible care available. At Travel Counsellors, personal support is just as important as professional support.

Customer Feedback

We always go the extra mile to give every customer a special travel experience. So when somebody takes the time to tell us what a fantastic time they had, we're delighted and proud to have made a difference.

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Every year we create uniquely personal travel experiences for hundreds of thousands of people - generating lots of news stories, blogs, social posts and testimonials along the way. Take a look at what's happening right now in and around Travel Counsellors!

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