After 12 years of building up a career in Dubai, I reached a point in my life when I had to decide what I should do with my future in order to be able to find a balance between my personal life and my career. While looking for some interesting part time jobs I came across an advertisement about the home working system offered by Travel Counsellors. Travel has always been my biggest passion and the idea of being able to work from home immediately made me decide to learn more about it.

It was the best decision I ever made, as I have enjoyed every single moment of this ride. Every day since then has been a pleasant challenge for me, a great learning experience and an amazing surprise to discover the great support that is behind each one of us.

While I have a great passion for travel and I was able to find the flexibility I need to offer my family the time they deserve, this is an actual business and it requires a lot of investment from my side, especially as it was a big sacrifice giving up my previous salary for a monthly commission. It takes energy and a lot of determination to make it work and to achieve the results I planned. But, in spite of this I believe I have all the necessary support I need to make it work.

There are a few areas that make Travel Counsellors different and an amazing company to be related to: the great focus on customers, the amazing internal culture, the focus on continuous improvement and the support given to Travel Counsellors to help them become as successful as they choose to be. I started this thinking that I will do it for a while due to my family situation, but now I am absolutely sure that I will be doing it for as long as I can to make it become a successful business.

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