"For over 20 years Travel Counsellors has been a catalyst for people’s incredible travel business successes."

Why Join?
If you're passionate about travel,

you care about making customers feel special,

and you're looking for freedom, reward and recognition.

We can help you set up and run a successful business in travel.

We’re here to help you make, possibly, the biggest decision you’ve ever made - to give up a salary and launch your own travel business. It’s one that’s been successfully taken by over 1,400 people around the globe. They’re testament to our unique and hugely successful business model. It’s based on relationships, repeat bookings and referrals, and has the customer at its very core.

Joining Travel Counsellors can be a challenging and rewarding life changing decision.


Leisure Travel Counsellor

"For too long my family life simply revolved around managing people and shops. My real enjoyment, selling holidays, was a thing of the past and after 20 years, I’d reached a major crossroads in my career. I then joined Travel Counsellors, and I’ve got to say, it’s simply changed my life." Gaynor Burgess, Travel Counsellor

Business Travel Counsellor

"I’ve made business travel my area of expertise, because I love a challenge. Corporate clients don’t want to be dealing with a call centre. They do want the exceptional service, and incredible back up that Travel Counsellors delivers. That’s why I’m the happiest I’ve been in my career." Donna Waddington, Travel Counsellor

Travel Academy

"I simply didn’t believe it was possible to drastically change my career in my late 40s. But then I spoke to a Travel Counsellors Academy graduate, and I was sold. It’s unique, and the trainers’ enthusiasm and knowledge is second to none." John Ryrie, Academy Graduate

Agency Owner

"As an independent agency owner, the red tape gets you down. You never get time to do the thing you love, selling holidays. But in my first year with Travel Counsellors, I made more money working from home than I did running a business with six staff and a turnover of £2 million." Catherine Oliver, Travel Counsellor

It's one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. We want to be sure Travel Counsellors is the right choice.

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Our Story

Claire Summers

Based in Aylesford, UK

13 Jan 2015

When I graduated from the Travel Counsellors Academy programme after 12 months, having booked an incredible £120k worth of sales in my first year, I felt like I could take on the world.

Our Story

Guy Johnson

Based in London, UK

13 Jan 2015

Our technology is ground-breaking and always evolving and having such fantastic business development support is comforting.

Our wonderful world

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