Having worked for many years at a large retail company, I had reached my ceiling. Travel Counsellors appealed to me as it would help me to personally grow and I would be able to offer my clients a truly concierge service. I was initially nervous in making the change, but my husband encouraged me to go for it as he knew I would be successful. Travel is my passion and I just knew that Travel Counsellors was right for me...I love it. During the three day induction training I was taught all that I needed to know on how to build a successful business. I was amazed by the support, the product offering and by the systems and tools. Within no time my business got off to a flying start.

A highlight for me every year is the Travel Counsellors annual conference. This is where Travel Counsellors from all over the country get together, we get to meet with suppliers, we enjoy great motivational speakers and it is also where new developments within the company are announced, all of which help us to take our business to the next level. I can't believe the number of friends that I have made, who spur me on both personally and in the business.

I get regular training from Travel Counsellors and my business development manager is with me every step of the way. We have regularĀ business developmentĀ calls and she helps me to stretch myself, to reach and achieve my business dreams. Head office is truly my biggest fan - they are always there for me, encouraging me in every milestone and celebrating my every success, no matter how big or small.

Apart from just me benefitting, my clients love the concierge travel service that I provide and this is testament in the many referrals that I have received. My business has grown year on year and one of my proudest moments was achieving gold status. My clients also love the wide product range that I can now offer them; they feel secure knowing that their money is in safe hands. My clients also feel more secure knowing that they only deal with me and that I can meet all their travel needs. It's reassuring to them knowing that they can contact me outside of traditional office hours including evenings and weekends. They appreciate and know that they wouldn't get this type of service anywhere else.

If you are passionate about travel and want to offer your clients a concierge service then Travel Counsellors is for you. It's not as scary as you think. I would encourage you to make the call, go and view a demo to see what it's all about and see the systems first-hand that are available to you. Travel Counsellors will answer your questions. They understand its a big decision and will never pressure you to join.

It's been the best decision that I have made and it could be yours too!

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