As a manager I regularly worked weekends and Bank Holidays. For too long my family life simply revolved around managing people and shops. My real enjoyment, selling holidays, was a thing of the past and after 20 years, I’d reached a major crossroads in my career. And then I researched homeworking... and I’ve got to say... it’s simply changed my life. There were options, but Travel Counsellors were head and shoulders above the rest for delivering robust support to grow your own business... and at your own pace. I now have my own business and I’m able to work comfortably around my clients. For the first time I’ve taken my six year old daughter Ella to school. No more Breakfast and After School Club... I’m there in the morning with the other mums... and I pick her up at half past three. I give her tea, do homework together and put her to bed. It’s perfect. And then I’m happy to get the laptop out and get some business done. I find a lot of the time this fits perfectly with a lot of my clients who are at work all day anyway, and prefer to speak in the evening. I’m just over a year into this new way of life – doing what I love best – hard work, but incredibly rewarding and with smiles on family faces.

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