Before becoming a Travel Counsellor, I was a senior manager for a small travel agency. Having worked there for years and making a lot of sacrifices, I returned to work after 8 months maternity leave. I was told bank holidays would be taken away from me in order that I work 4 days a week, which made me feel extremely let down as I knew there were other members of staff less senior than me who received them. It sounds insignificant now but that was the warning bell for me. I didn't want another 15-20 years to pass by and suddenly find my children all grown up, leaving home and be filled with regret that I'd stayed there. That's when I found Travel Counsellors. Life as a Travel Counsellor is very busy and very demanding but it's an incredibly rewarding life. I love a challenge - that's really what I love about the job secretly as I would wither away if two days were the same. I still can't believe how quickly we move with the times but manage to stay friendly and professional. We're constantly moving forwards yet there's always time to make people feel respected and cared about. My customers know I care because I remember everything they like or dislike - if it's important to them, it's important to me. I even remember when their children got married or their grandchildren's name. It's the small things which make the greatest impression. I even have some customers who say I'm part of their family now - I love that.

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