Before becoming a Travel Counsellor, I was a client relations manager but felt stressed most of the time. There were just too many hours and I had absolutely no control over how I managed my own staff as senior management always wanted it their way. I felt like I wasn't listened to. What has surprised me most is that business development and other Travel Counsellors are always happy to help and rally around if you need anything. My life is now surrounded by a special network of supportive people and everyone is always so happy to give their time with no gain for themselves - it speaks volumes about the kind of people that join us. I have dedicated myself to going above and beyond for my customers. During the ash cloud crisis, I drove to a local supplier for train availability as they were not answering the phones. I sat in reception until someone would see me to get the answers I needed. Being a Travel Counsellor is about always going further than anyone else for your customer - that's why they keep coming back. When I graduated from the Travel Counsellors Academy programme after 12 months, having booked an incredible £120k worth of sales in my first year, I felt like I could take on the world. What's more, having the freedom to choose my own hours, without any pressure from Head Office to reach set targets and all the tools l need to make my business as success, I felt totally at home... literally! I love what I do.

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