On Wednesday 5th September, we welcomed 17 of our agents to our Manchester Head Office to celebrate their annual Anniversary Day as Travel Counsellors, and the continuing growth of their businesses during their time with the company.

Anniversaries ranged from two to 18 years, and the large group of Travel Counsellors were treated to a day of presentations, receptions and networking as part of the celebrations.

What is Anniversary Day?

Anniversary Day takes place at Head Office on the first Wednesday of every month and is a celebration for Travel Counsellors who are commemorating the anniversary of their start date, a milestone or even a successful year.

The day is all about making our Travel Counsellors feel special. They enjoy a champagne lunch, meet with senior leaders from around the business and are updated on everything from the latest travel trends to the company strategy. Travel Counsellors also enjoy going behind the scenes of our live TCTV broadcast, a weekly show which they usually watch from home.

What our Travel Counsellors had to say

Pam Hart was there to celebrate her 15th year as a Travel Counsellor and said: “A big thank you to everyone involved in the Anniversary Day – it was the best yet and I had a wonderful time.

“Meeting and catching up with colleagues and being able to see members of head office staff and directors in person was really nice, and it was great to say thank you in person to the Suitcase team and to give them a hug for all their hard work.

“There were various sessions in which I learned new things and refreshed on other stuff I had not done for a while. Onwards and upwards to Glasgow!”

Mandy Oldknow, who will be celebrating her 18th anniversary on 21st September, told us about her time as a Travel Counsellor and her hopes for the future.

“The best thing about being a Travel Counsellor is being in charge of your own destiny but knowing there is someone to catch you if you fall,” she explained.

“If I wasn’t a Travel Counsellor, I have no idea what I would be. I have always wanted to work in travel from a young age, and I couldn’t go back to a shop.

“The future? Well, that’s just about having a better and more exciting business each year, moving as far away from bucket and spade holidays as possible, while making enough money to travel to wherever my mood takes me.”

Debbie Griffiths has been running her own home-based travel business for two years and talked about her love for Travel Counsellors at the event.

“I have been a Travel Counsellor for two years and have made the most amazing friends. The amount of help and support I have received from BD (Business Development) and other Travel Counsellors during my first two years has been nothing short of brilliant,” she said.

“The plan is to go from strength to strength, year on year, and to start ticking off the bucket list destinations.

“The best thing about being a Travel Counsellor is being able to work for myself, when it suits me and my family. If I wasn’t a Travel Counsellor I think I would be in trouble because I don’t think I could go back to the nine-to-five rat race!”

If like Debbie, Mandy and Pam you’re looking for your next challenge with full support, get in touch with us to start your journey.

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