Have you ever felt your customer deserved better? Travel Counsellors achieves a world-beating 96% customer satisfaction score and almost 70% repeat bookings every year. It's a proven recipe for travel success. So, how do our agents take better care of our customers? Here are 5 ways…

They build strong relationships

As owners of their own businesses our Travel Counsellors are empowered and enabled to build strong relationships with their customers. They take the time to understand their customers hopes and dreams, what motivates them and their expectations. Knowing their customers so well is what keeps them coming back again and referring their Travel Counsellor on to their friends, colleagues and family.

What the customer wants… the customer gets

Travel Counsellors are the only truly independent home-based travel agent network. This gives our agents the power to sell what the customer wants, not what the agent thinks. Then you'll build travel plans that suit your customers' needs exactly. You'll think nothing about going above and beyond to deliver a truly personalised service each and every time. With the strongest commercial terms of any home working agency, for our agents the sky really is the limit when it comes to what we can do together.

They offer 100% Financial Protection

The most important thing a travel agent can offer clients is trust. While dream holiday packages are certainly enough to get a client’s attention, it's trust that will have them making that booking. Every client who books a travel package with a Travel Counsellor is fully covered for supplier insolvency, which means that if something goes wrong the client's money is protected. Not only for every hotel, transfer and attraction, but it also covers flights, which can bring some serious peace of mind to our clients.

Always there for the customer, even when they are away

Not only is a Travel Counsellor available for their customers while they are away, but so is our 24/7 Duty Office. The Duty Office service utilises the company’s global presence in seven countries and time zones to ensure that the international community of 1,800 Travel Counsellors and their customers are supported around the clock, whenever they need it.

With Us It’s Personal

It is our tagline after all. Whether it be a little handwritten card wishing you a great trip, a welcome home pack delivered to their doorstep, or a TC Ted for the kids to take on the plane… it’s the little personal touches that our customers remember.

With Travel Counsellors, you can work from home while utilising the resources of an efficient head office. We handle administrative tasks such as invoicing or bill collection with care and ease. With us taking care of the difficult administrative details, you can focus on the business of selling travel.

To learn more about becoming a home-based travel agent with Travel Counsellors, visit our Opportunities page or contact a member of the Careers Team on 1300 889 123.

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