Is there anything that I can offer my customers as a Travel Counsellor which sets me apart?
Can I choose my own hours?
Do I have to be home-based?
I’ve heard home working can be lonely. Is there any support available?
What experience do I need?
How long does it take to get set up?
How long is the initial training?
Is there a minimum sales target?
When do we get paid?
Do you provide leads?
Will you help me market my business?
Is there out of hours support?
What happens when I go on holiday?
Can I rely on your Head Office for my admin?
I’ve always enjoyed going on educational trips – will I still have that opportunity?
Can I still employ my own staff?
What does it cost to become a Travel Counsellor?
Can I have another job?
What happens if I want to leave?
What about a website?
Am I truly mobile?
Other companies offer a better commission split, will you match them?
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