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Build a future in travel you can be proud of

Travel Counsellors is not like any other travel company. We put the customer back at the heart of their own travel experience, and we’re proud to lead on service rather than price. Creating perfect travel experiences for every customer, every time. Our approach has allowed us to build an unrivalled customer satisfaction score and amazing repeat business. If you’d like to sell travel with the world’s best-loved travel company, here’s what we can offer you.

Because you're passionate about travel

‘Passionate about travel’ – it’s the magic spell that binds every single Travel Counsellor.

Like you, they love the industry. They love talking about it; they love doing it; and they’re brilliant at making their customers feel important. It’s what makes them tick, and it’s why they joined the world’s most loved travel company. We have a business model that is robust and proven. It’s already working for more than 1,400 Travel Counsellors across the globe. And it can work for you. For the past twenty years we’ve set the trends in travel business homeworking. And our vision for businesses built on relationship building, repeat bookings and referrals is unique. Of course we appreciate that you’re considering the biggest decision you’ve ever made – the leap from salary to commission. And we understand all of the questions, worries and concerns that you have about starting your own business. Join us, and you’ll find we have all the answers.

We agree – it's a big decision. You’re thinking about leaving the 9 to 5 world, and setting foot on a new journey where you’re in control of your own future.

Luckily, Travel Counsellors are the global leaders in personal travel service. We’ve been doing it this way (the right way) for 20 years, with fantastic growth and countless awards in the trophy cabinet. It’s hard to believe that putting the customer first was such a radical step in the travel industry, but by focusing purely on people we’ve grown into one of the most loved travel companies in the world.

Today, our family includes over 1,400 Travel Counsellors across seven countries. We attract new people for many reasons, and they stay because they love our unique way of doing things and our friendly, family-oriented ethos

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Our stories

When I graduated from the Travel Counsellors Academy programme after 12 months, having booked an incredible £120k worth of sales in my first year, I felt like I could take on the world.

Claire Summers,
Aylesford, UK

Our technology is ground-breaking and always evolving and having such fantastic business development support is comforting.

Guy Johnson,
London, UK

I was so worried about finding customers ... but after becoming the first person from the Academy programme to hit a million in sales, I think it's safe to say I've overcome that fear! My only regret is not doing it sooner.

Mark Hallam,
Redditch, UK

I'd been with the police for 30 years before taking early retirement and joining Travel Counsellors.

Andy Gilhooly,
Edinburgh, UK

I can be far more reactive to my client's needs as a Travel Counsellor so they could not be happier with my service.

Sue Mole,
Epsom, UK

"I have all the tools to work with and could be earning a fortune if I was more pro-active so I'm getting some mailshots together to put through doors."

Linda Wilkinson,
Workington, UK

Because you enjoy freedom, reward and recognition

Of course, your customers come first. But doesn’t reward and recognition give you a warm glow?

You’ve built a relationship. You understand their needs. You deliver a great holiday... and then they tell you it was the best holiday they’ve ever had. Perfect, and reward in itself. But there’s more. As a Travel Counsellor your hard work delivering great holidays is financially satisfying as well. The average Travel Counsellor earns £24K a year. The top twenty manage more than £100K. And some take home more than £150K. There’s no limit to what you can earn. Your earning potential is uncapped.

The more you put in... the more you get out. You’re in control. You’ll cut the commute, have more time for family and more time to yourself. With administrative concerns taken care of by head office, and with the support of award winning technology, you can focus on what you do best – selling holidays.

Check out our 'Commission Calculator' at www.commissioncalculator.co.uk for an insight into how much you could earn by running your own travel business. And if you are interested in seeing how your daily commute is eating up your time and how big a hole it's putting in your pocket then visit www.cutthecommute.today.

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Our stories

"I not only paid my mortgage on time every month, but I have actually paid it off completely - 12 years early!"

Damian Newell,
Bingley, UK

"I now have customers for life and all the referrals they will now send my way."

Michelle Leonard,
Bolton, UK

"I have learned to believe in myself and the service I deliver."

Penny Harrington,
Painswick, UK

"High Street agents wouldn't bother, but to us it's second nature. I don't see it as going the extra mile - its just 'my service'"

Pauline Dougherty,
Gillingham, UK

"I always buy children on my bookings a Christmas present. This year they are getting a bar of chocolate in the shape of Santa or a children's book.

Louise Cutting,
Derby, UK

Just one phone call that took 10 minutes of my time and I have made two new friends who I hope will entrust me with their next holiday booking.

Gail Herring,
Halifax, UK

Because you've dreamed of running your own business

Well that dream can now become reality. Our head office support is the best in the industry.

They’ve been launching new home-based businesses for twenty years, and yours will get the same exceptional hand holding. From admin, to finance, to marketing and PR - we’ve got you covered. But we’ve also got a business development team who are expert at helping you create a flourishing and profitable business. They’ll be by your side in the early days, and always just a phone call away. And if you need it, it’s good to know that there’s 24-hour support from our helpdesk team. It doesn’t matter if it’s a really tricky booking, or help with IT gremlins - they’ll have it covered.

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Our stories

I loved the homely family feel I got from Travel Counsellors from the beginning; everyone was so friendly and genuine. I knew I wouldn't be a number, like I was with my previous High Street travel agency.

Clare Lockett,
Peterborough, UK

One of my first bookings was a wedding group to Antigua after attending a wedding fayre within 2 weeks of starting. They went on to make a £30,000 booking. It was an amazing feeling.

Maria Foxwell,
Bath, UK

"I'm earning more now than when I was working in the High Street, but it’s the fact that I feel more recognised than I have in the 20 years I've been in travel which means the most."

Joanne Kemp,
Redditch, UK

"The way I received instant messages and emails when I became Gold, from Travel Counsellors around the world, who I didn't even know, speaks volumes about who we are."

Kevin Hankin,
Hitchin, UK

"If you want to change your work life balance and join a company that really cares about you as a person, then Travel Counsellors is for you. The best financial protection in the business and the freedom to give the customer what they really want."

Maxine Staniland,
Sheffield, UK

"Someone once said "Thanks for helping us to make memories”. I loved that because it's about people, not bookings."

Wendy Farrar, Travel Counsellor,
Market Harborough, UK

Because you care about making customers feel special

And our customers make us feel special as well.

And that really is at the very core and heart of what makes us different from the rest of the industry – our relationships with customers. It’s a tried and tested business model that’s a catalyst for both retention and referral.

We build relationships with all our customers – we get to know their likes, dislikes, passions and ambitions. And once we know these we build that tailor-made travel experience that ticks boxes they didn’t even know they had. Time and time again. And the proof of the pudding is in the repeat business. For Leisure Travel Counsellors, it stands at 70 per cent, and for Corporate, a staggering 90 per cent. They’re figures that illustrate the true value of relationships. We’ve always believed it’s the right way to sell travel, and our customers tell us it’s the best way to book travel.

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Our stories

"I have a couple of clients that call me their Travel Angel! I like that!"

Claire Bottone, Travel Counsellor,
Hornchurch, UK

"Travel Counsellors is more driven and forward thinking - we simply care more than other businesses and realise it's not just about sales but about the people."

Maxine Staniland, Travel Counsellor,
Sheffield, UK

"I was surprised by how much you were respected and noticed by the rest of the industry especially Tour Operators."

Katrina Angel,
Edenbridge, UK

"From the moment I came to head office for the recruitment day, I was completely sold!"

Deborah Little,
Huddersfield, UK

"I do love the flexibility, I love being able to take the dog for a walk in the afternoon, meet up for networking breakfasts and lunches, and I love being here for my clients when they need me."

Sandra Cartwright, Travel Counsellor,

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